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How to use a Lure Module in Pokemon GO

How to use a Lure Module in Pokemon GO

Hello everyone! We know that just starting out in Pokemon GO can be a little confusing, but fortunately for you we have been screwing around with it since the first day of release and have figured out some pretty good tricks when it comes to catching your favorite Pokemon!

Incense are pretty straight forward, you click on “Items” then just click on the incense. After that, you will see a little pink ring around your character that attracts Pokemon for 30 minutes!

Pokemon Go Incense
Pokemon Go Incense

The Incense stays with your character no matter where you go, while the Lure Module attached to a Pokestop and attracts Pokemon for everyone around you!

Pokemon GO Lure module
Lure Module

But how do you use a lure module? The first day that I had the game, I sat beside a Pokestop jamming my finger onto the Lure Module, cursing my cell phone for being a big piece of crap. Turns out, I was just going about it in the wrong order. The tips in the game don’t even tell you how to use them.

After combing the internet (this was the first night it was out) and not finding anything, I sat down and stared at my screen for a while and finally figured out how to use a lure module:

How to use a lure module Pokemon GO
How to use a lure module in Pokemon GO

Yep. It’s that tiny little white button right there (without a label or anything) that¬†lets you install the lure module. You’re welcome ūüėČ

So we know how to install them, but where is the best places to install them?:

  1. Where another lure module already is
  2. Where there are lots of people (don’t worry, multiple people can catch the same Pokemon!)
  3. Where lure modules will overlap (like the picture below)
Best place for a lure module in Pokemon GO

If you only have one lure module and there aren’t any up close by, go ahead and ask another trainer if they want to install a lure module close to yours so it benefits everyone! Making friends! Heck yeah!



Good morning everyone! So. I’m making a few changes to the website, primarily the name. From now on this website will be known as Active 8-Bit¬†(the 8-bit part paying homage to the original Nintendo Entertainment System and the Gameboy which ran on 8-bit processors).

There are two reasons behind my decision to change things around a little bit :

  1. I’d like to focus on things and games other than Pokemon GO.
  2. I don’t want to get my ass sued off by Nintendo.

The name PokeFitness is super cool and I love it, but the more research that I do into the Pokemon name and trademark, the less I wan’t to have that headache one day (and I didn’t really expect this website to blow up like it did). I also briefly talked with the Video Game Attorney Ryan Morrison who told me the name probably isn’t the best idea.

I’m not at a place in my life, nor will I ever be, to get caught up in a trademark lawsuit¬†against a multinational organization with unlimited money. I’m just a lil ole’ Donut that want’s to help people get into shape.¬†

I figured it’s best to make this change early on this websites life, so welcome to Active 8-bit!

Keep that battery going! Pokemon GO power banks

Keep that battery going! Pokemon GO power banks

Good morning everyone! Before we put out the PokeWOD for today, we wanted to go over something that could lower our success as a master Pokemon trainer: your cell phone dying! 

Imagine this: you finally find your favorite Pokemon after searching for days, possibly even weeks…but your cell phone is almost dead!¬†Some of us have already discovered that you completely lose track of time when doing a little Pokemon hunting. This means that your battery life goes right out the window.

How can we make sure that battery stays full charged and ready to catch em’ all? With low price Pokemon GO power banks of course!

Let’s take a look at a few we found on Amazon

EasyAcc Monster 20000mAh Power Bank


This little guys costs right at around $40 dollars and is worth every penny . The “Monster” can charge¬†an iPhone 6 7.5 times, a Samsung S6 5 times or an iPad Mini 3 2 times. It can also charge 4 devices at the same time, you and all your friends can share a power bank for those emergency situations.

With a rugged design and LED flashlight, the “Monster” is perfect for catching Pokemon while camping, hiking, or just around town. Find it here.

EasyAcc 2nd Gen. 10000mAh Power Bank


This charger is exactly half of the first charger that we took a look at. It holds¬†3.5 full charges for an iPhone 6, 2.5 charges for a Samsung Galaxy S6, and can cahrge an iPad Air 1 time. The “Power Bank” only has 2 USB ports, but sells for only $20. Find it here.

Anker PowerCore+ mini 3350mAh Lipstick-Sized Portable Charger


This pint sized charger doesn’t have the power of the ones that we have looked at so far, but it is completely worth $11. Perfect for those emergency Pokemon GO situations, this lipstick – sized power supply can charge an¬†iPhone 6 one time and almost give one full charge to a Galaxy S6.¬†This should be the Pokemon GO power bank that ever trainer keeps handy! Guess what?¬†It’s on sale on Amazon for $11!¬†(Normally around $20)

My favorite (and highest rated) power banks:

5 safety tips on how to not die while playing Pokemon GO

5 safety tips on how to not die while playing Pokemon GO

Hello everyone! Welcome to the most important post on this entire website. Today I’d like to touch on safety while playing our favorite game Pokemon GO!

Pokemon GO is fun. I love it, you love it, we all love it. We want to play it all day, no matter what we are doing. This can be a big problem though.

I have already witnessed people walk into stationary objects while playing (myself included), I’ve seen several wrecks already probably caused by GO, and I’ve had to trespass several people from private property for not being able to turn down that one Pokemon that they must have.

Being a police officer, I want nothing more than to see people get around safely while enjoying their new favorite hobby.

SO…. Let’s take a look at 5¬†tips to¬†help you survive Pokemon GO.

Safety Tip # 1


  1. This is the most important tip.¬†We’ve all seen the super sad TV¬†commercials for years about people losing loved ones over texting and driving. ¬†Pokemon GO is 100x more distracting than typing a text message.

This guy was probably playing Pokemon GO

Pass your phone to a passenger if you need to. But please DO NOT PLAY WHILE DRIVING. That Charizard is not worth you or anyone else losing their lives.

Safety Tip # 2


Situational awareness is key when playing Pokemon GO. Don’t walk around while staring at your phone. Put your phone on vibrate so you know when a Pokemon is near and glance at it. Walking around on your phone is an accident waiting to happen. I hope that it doesn’t happen, but It’s only a matter of time before you see¬†someone on the news that walked in front of a bus while doing a little Pokemon hunting.

Safety Tip # 3


If you saw the news the other day, there were some little thugs using Lure Modules on some PokeStops to lure in more than just Pokemon. They were waiting for people to come to them and robbing them at gunpoint!

Pokemon GO is not a dangerous game, just be weary of people around you and the area that you are in. EVERY¬†town has a rough area, don’t go wondering into a place that you might get robbed at.

Don’t go places that you wouldn’t have gone before Pokemon GO was released.

Safety Tip # 4


If you are not supposed to be somewhere, don’t go there!¬† I know an officer that arrested someone the other day for trying to climb into a private helicopter to catch a Pokemon! People don’t like you wondering onto their properties. The last thing we want is some crazy person shooting you because you’re wondering around their property looking suspicious.

Safety Tip # 5


There are so many Tweets and Facebook statuses right now¬†of¬†people are saying things like “I haven’t walked that far in years” or “my legs are so sore from walking # miles”. ¬†That’s awesome!¬†Just remember to drink lots of water, especially if you are doing our¬†PokeFitness workouts!

Well, there you have it! That’s all that we can think of for now, but we will be sure to add more as we go along.

Be safe, be responsible, and of course, HAVE FUN!



Welcome to PokeFitness

First off: We are not associated with the Pokemon brand or Nintendo. We are a fan club that likes helping people get into shape!

Here at PokeFitness, we love Pokemon. We also have a deep desire to better ourselves and become healthier through regular exercise. The only problem is,¬†exercise isn’t always fun. Especially when you are just starting out. Fortunately for us, a very addicting game was just released called Pokemon GO.
If you have no idea what Pokemon GO is, go ahead and click here.

You may already be losing weight due to the brutal Pokemon trainer competition on every corner, forcing you to walk miles at a time. PokeFitness is here to bring it up a notch. We’ve combined interval, Crossfit type exercises with Pokemon GO to make sure you are the very best, like no one ever was.

Pokemon Fitness takes the same approach as Crossfit, we like to post one or two WOD’s (workout of the days) every day. We will occasionally post nutrition tips and other articles.

If our workouts are too hard or too easy, just modify them to your level. For instance: carry a rucksack, ride a bicycle, do double reps, heck, even do the workout twice! It’s all about having fun and pushing yourself.

Please read our safety tips located here!

This is a constantly evolving project, so please sign up to our email newsletter here to receive daily workouts and PokeFitness news.

PokeFitness is completely free, but if you would like to donate here is our Patreon link

PokeFitness Staff (so far)

Donut Operator (creator/ contributor)
Prior military, personal trainer, current police officer and SWAT team member. Donut is the creator and first author on PokeFitness. He has an extensive background in powerlifting and Crossfit. Donut started playing Pokemon on the original Nintendo Gameboy almost 20 years ago (Pokemon Blue version) and still loves the hell out of it.

You can follow Donut at:

Will Washington (conributor)

Will is a professional bodybuilder, fitness trainer, Policeman, and a SWAT officer alongside Donut. He has a background in muay thai, boxing, jujitsu, wrestling, and MMA. When he’s not being a complete badass, he runs his own fitness company Fit 4 Reality. Will was in a terrible motorcycle accident in 2002 which caused him to lose over 50 lbs, since then he has naturally worked his way up to an SNBF Bodybuilder PRO card. Will loves giving out advice and tips to anyone, no matter the fitness level.

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