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Pokemon GO Workout 7-20-2016: Pushups for Pidgey

Pokemon GO Workout 7-20-2016: Pushups for Pidgey

Hello everyone! Today is going to be a simple workout for your arms and chest.

Gear needed:

Cell Phone with Pokemon GO
Ruck (optional)


Find a Pidgey


3 x regular pushups
3 x wide grip push ups
3 x diamond grip pushups
3 x dive bombers

Repeat AT LEAST 5 times


Jog in between pidgeys
Do the push ups on your knees, or even standing against a wall if you need to.
Wear a ruck.

Pokemon GO Workout 7/19/2016: Jumpy jumps

Pokemon GO Workout 7/19/2016: Jumpy jumps

Oh no we skipped a day! We were pretty busy yesterday with reporter Joe Gagnon filming with Fox Carolina live on TV. Let’s hit it hard today though folks!

Today, we are going to be doing some jumps. We will be focusing on our legs today so our jumps don’t fail:

Gear needed:

Cell phone with Pokemon GO
Jump rope, a box, set of stairs, or a ledge.



1 round of
5 x single unders with the jumprope OR box jump on a ledge, stairs, big rock, anything you can jump on.
5 x lunges each leg
5 x 4 count jumping jacks (4 count as one)
5 x air squats
Plank for 30 seconds

Your rest period will be catching 3 pokemon (don’t be lazy, catch them and jump back into the next round)


Do your squats and lunges while holding something heavy, like a bar, with weighs on it 🙂 or a big rock, or anything that makes them harder.
Instead of single unders, do double unders.
Double the sets.

Pokemon GO Workout 7/17/2016: Stretch it out

Pokemon GO Workout 7/17/2016: Stretch it out

Goodmorning everyone! Today is going to be an easy day light cardio and lots of stretching. If you have been following our Pokemon GO exercises then you should be a little bit sore by now, especially after yesterdays workout Over 9000. But don’t worry! We wont be doing anything crazy:

By now, you should have at least one Lure Module  or Incense left and we’re going to put that baby to good use.

Gear needed:

Cell Phone with Pokemon GO

One Lure Module or Incense, the things that attract Pokemon (Check out our post on how to use Lure Modules and the best places to put them)


  1. Run/ walk for at least 20 minutes, catching Pokemon as needed.
  2. Stretch or do a Yoga routine at a Pokestop overlap for at least 30 minutes. Keep your phone in front of you to catch Pokemon as they pop up.

Some great beginner stretching/ yoga videos:
Yoga for Complete Beginners (20 minute stretch)
Beginner Morning Yoga Sequence for Greatist (15 minute stretch)
Yoga For Complete Beginners – Relaxation & Flexibility Stretches (15 minute stretch)
Yoga For Beginners (40 minute stretch)
Full Body Stretching Routine for Flexibility & Pain Relief (20 minutes)
Daily “Charge & Ground” Stretching Routine

How to use a Lure Module in Pokemon GO

How to use a Lure Module in Pokemon GO

Hello everyone! We know that just starting out in Pokemon GO can be a little confusing, but fortunately for you we have been screwing around with it since the first day of release and have figured out some pretty good tricks when it comes to catching your favorite Pokemon!

Incense are pretty straight forward, you click on “Items” then just click on the incense. After that, you will see a little pink ring around your character that attracts Pokemon for 30 minutes!

Pokemon Go Incense
Pokemon Go Incense

The Incense stays with your character no matter where you go, while the Lure Module attached to a Pokestop and attracts Pokemon for everyone around you!

Pokemon GO Lure module
Lure Module

But how do you use a lure module? The first day that I had the game, I sat beside a Pokestop jamming my finger onto the Lure Module, cursing my cell phone for being a big piece of crap. Turns out, I was just going about it in the wrong order. The tips in the game don’t even tell you how to use them.

After combing the internet (this was the first night it was out) and not finding anything, I sat down and stared at my screen for a while and finally figured out how to use a lure module:

How to use a lure module Pokemon GO
How to use a lure module in Pokemon GO

Yep. It’s that tiny little white button right there (without a label or anything) that lets you install the lure module. You’re welcome 😉

So we know how to install them, but where is the best places to install them?:

  1. Where another lure module already is
  2. Where there are lots of people (don’t worry, multiple people can catch the same Pokemon!)
  3. Where lure modules will overlap (like the picture below)
Best place for a lure module in Pokemon GO

If you only have one lure module and there aren’t any up close by, go ahead and ask another trainer if they want to install a lure module close to yours so it benefits everyone! Making friends! Heck yeah!

Pokemon GO Workout 7/16/2016: Over 9000!

Pokemon GO Workout 7/16/2016: Over 9000!

Good morning and welcome to your daily Pokemon GO workout everyone! Today we are going to do something sloooow and steady. Now this one might take a few hours, but you will probably meet some new friends in the process or if you live near a Ripley’s Believe It or Not location you could win $5,000 from just playing Pokemon GO. If you are worrying about battery life, just remember that there are tons of cheap power banks out there.

IF YOU ARE NEW to Pokemon GO, the other day I put together the most important post on this website: 5 tips on how to not die while playing Pokemon GO

Please go ahead and take a look at that. It turns out people are still not using good situational awareness. In the news today two teens were trying to catch Pokemon at 2 in the morning and were robbed, one was even stabbed. You have to pay attention to where you are going and the people around you!

Other Pokemon GO news today:

2 guys caught a dude with attempted murder warrants while playing Pokemon GO
Milford man with warrants tries to catch some Pokemon near a police station where the police recognize him
Two Pokemon GO players find dead body in San Diego Park (isn’t that like the second time this week someone has found a dead body?)
Two Pokemon Players jump the fence into the Toledo zoo to find Pokemon

Onto the workout!

Like we said, today is more about slow, steady, and enjoying yourself! Stock up on Pokeballs and Incense for today’s workout.

Gear Needed

Cell phone with Pokemon GO
Back Pack with snacks and water. Our favorite snacks for long journeys are Cliffbars
Rucksack (optional)

This is a simple, but possible long one:
Walk/bike/ or ruck until completion of:
Catch Pokemon, doesn’t matter what they are, until their collective CP is over 9000.


This may require a little addition on your part so round up to tens or hundreds if you need to! But don’t stop until you are over 9000.

My favorite thing of course: take a rucksack with you
If you get over 9000 too quickly, add another 9000 onto it. Over 18,000??!?!?

“The body achieves what the mind believes”


Pokemon GO Workout 7/15/2016: Stop, drop, and workout

Pokemon GO Workout 7/15/2016: Stop, drop, and workout

Yesterday was awesome! We worked out for WSPA 7 news by doing the Pokeblitz! Today is going to be a little bit more cardio oriented (specifically running)

This should be you on today’s workout

Gear needed:
Cell phone with Pokemon GO
Ruck (optional)


  1. Find an area with a few Pokestops. The park I showed you yesterday would be perfect for this because some of the Pokestops are separated by a slope.
  2. Stretch your legs and arms for a good 10 minutes.
  3. Spin your first Pokestop.

For each Pokeball you get = 5 x pushups

For each Potion you get = 5 x 4 count mountain climbers

For each Raspberry you get = 5 x 4 count jumping jacks

For each Revive you get = Plank for 10 seconds

Sprint/run/ruck to the next Pokestop, spin, and repeat until you have hit 10 Pokestops.

You can only rest while you are catching a pokemon.

End of exercise:

Do as many sit ups as you can in 5 minutes


Yay! You did it!

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you”



Good morning everyone! So. I’m making a few changes to the website, primarily the name. From now on this website will be known as Active 8-Bit (the 8-bit part paying homage to the original Nintendo Entertainment System and the Gameboy which ran on 8-bit processors).

There are two reasons behind my decision to change things around a little bit :

  1. I’d like to focus on things and games other than Pokemon GO.
  2. I don’t want to get my ass sued off by Nintendo.

The name PokeFitness is super cool and I love it, but the more research that I do into the Pokemon name and trademark, the less I wan’t to have that headache one day (and I didn’t really expect this website to blow up like it did). I also briefly talked with the Video Game Attorney Ryan Morrison who told me the name probably isn’t the best idea.

I’m not at a place in my life, nor will I ever be, to get caught up in a trademark lawsuit against a multinational organization with unlimited money. I’m just a lil ole’ Donut that want’s to help people get into shape. 

I figured it’s best to make this change early on this websites life, so welcome to Active 8-bit!

Pokemon GO Workout 7/14/2016: Pokeblitz (Competitive Team Challenge)

Pokemon GO Workout 7/14/2016: Pokeblitz (Competitive Team Challenge)

Good morning everyone! If you didn’t see the post we put out earlier about having a back up cell phone battery to make your adventures last longer go ahead and check it out here.

Today is a special day for us here at Poke Fitness because we will be doing today’s workout with WSPA News 7! They did a little segment about us on their website a few days ago, but decided it would be best to come do some workouts with us.

Today’s workout is a doozy, especially considering that it could get up to 97 degrees today so STAY HYDRATED! LET ME GO AHEAD AND SAY THAT AGAIN: STAY HYDRATED! Soda is not hydration.

I’d like to call this one the Pokeblitz. It’s a fast paced, competitive, team exercise with lot’s of Pokemon catching! (If you don’t have a team, don’t worry! just scale it down for yourself)

Cell phone with Pokemon GO
An area with  lots of Pokestops
Lure Modules (optional)

This is just an outline, modify it to your needs, just keep that heart rate up!

For this workout location I chose a local park that has 4 Pokestops! You need a home base, ours is the gazebo in the big circle on the top right. I’m going to use Lure Modules on the Pokestops to make this workout faster paced (meaning the Pokestops will lure in more Pokemon!).

For our warm up, we are going to do a good group stretch and then walk around the park a few times to stock up on Poke balls if we need to. Tip: the average refresh rate on Pokestops is around 5 minutes.



  1. Split all players into even teams
  2. Each team starts at home base (we put ours across the park from all the Pokestops. Cardio! Yay!)
  3. Team members can’t be more than 6 feet away from each other. They must stick together.
  4. When Pokeblitz starts, each team can go wherever they want inside of a designated area. Our designated area will be the fence surrounding the park.
  5. Each person on a team must catch 7 pokemon.
  6. When someone catches a Pokemon, they must do 5 burpees.
  7. Once each person catches 7 pokemon, the team returns to the base and each member does 20 burpees.
  8. First team done with everything wins.

Embrace the burpee. 


If a team is moving, they must buddy carry each other.

If a team is moving, they must bear crawl.

Let me know if you have any questions at and be sure to tune into WSPA 7 to check us out!