Pokemon GO Workout 7/14/2016: Pokeblitz (Competitive Team Challenge)

Pokemon GO Workout 7/14/2016: Pokeblitz (Competitive Team Challenge)

Good morning everyone! If you didn’t see the post we put out earlier about having a back up cell phone battery to make your adventures last longer go ahead and check it out here.

Today is a special day for us here at Poke Fitness because we will be doing today’s workout with WSPA News 7! They did a little segment about us on their website a few days ago, but decided it would be best to come do some workouts with us.

Today’s workout is a doozy, especially considering that it could get up to 97 degrees today so STAY HYDRATED! LET ME GO AHEAD AND SAY THAT AGAIN: STAY HYDRATED! Soda is not hydration.

I’d like to call this one the Pokeblitz. It’s a fast paced, competitive, team exercise with lot’s of Pokemon catching! (If you don’t have a team, don’t worry! just scale it down for yourself)

Cell phone with Pokemon GO
An area with  lots of Pokestops
Lure Modules (optional)

This is just an outline, modify it to your needs, just keep that heart rate up!

For this workout location I chose a local park that has 4 Pokestops! You need a home base, ours is the gazebo in the big circle on the top right. I’m going to use Lure Modules on the Pokestops to make this workout faster paced (meaning the Pokestops will lure in more Pokemon!).

For our warm up, we are going to do a good group stretch and then walk around the park a few times to stock up on Poke balls if we need to. Tip: the average refresh rate on Pokestops is around 5 minutes.



  1. Split all players into even teams
  2. Each team starts at home base (we put ours across the park from all the Pokestops. Cardio! Yay!)
  3. Team members can’t be more than 6 feet away from each other. They must stick together.
  4. When Pokeblitz starts, each team can go wherever they want inside of a designated area. Our designated area will be the fence surrounding the park.
  5. Each person on a team must catch 7 pokemon.
  6. When someone catches a Pokemon, they must do 5 burpees.
  7. Once each person catches 7 pokemon, the team returns to the base and each member does 20 burpees.
  8. First team done with everything wins.

Embrace the burpee. 


If a team is moving, they must buddy carry each other.

If a team is moving, they must bear crawl.

Let me know if you have any questions at thepokefitness@gmail.com and be sure to tune into WSPA 7 to check us out!

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