Pokemon GO Workout 7/13/2016: Chill out

Pokemon GO Workout 7/13/2016: Chill out

Good morning everyone! Welcome to 7-13-2016’s PokeFitness workout.

If you didn’t see it yesterday, PokeFitness was features on Fox Carolina! http://www.foxcarolina.com/story/32429408/spartanburg-officer-creates-pokemon-go-fitness-plan


WSPA 7: http://wspa.com/2016/07/12/pokemon-go-get-fit-upstate-officer-uses-game-to-make-workout-plan/

The last 2 days have been pretty strenuous if you followed the workouts. If you did them right, your everything should be sore. Today is going to be an easy day that focuses on stretching and flexibility. If you stretch today, you won’t feel so sore for tomorrows workout!

Gear required:
Cell phone with Pokemon GO
Yoga mat (optional)
Foam roller (optional)

Find 2 Pokestops close to one another

At the first Pokestop do lower body stretches or a yoga routine for 10 minutes.

Jog/ walk to the second Pokestop and do upper body stretches or a yoga routine for 10 minutes

Walk back to the first Pokestop and repeat

Try to do this for at least 40 minutes (2 stops per Pokestop)

Keep your phone up in case any Pokemon wander near you while stretching!

End of exercise:
20 sit ups
20 x 4 count flutter kicks
plank for 60 seconds
REPEAT if you can! I bet you can’t 😉
stretch your stomach for a few minutes
walk around for a few minutes and catch some Pokemon!

Do any kind of stretches you’d like.

“The best project that you’ll ever work on is you”

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