Pokemon GO Workout 7/16/2016: Over 9000!

Pokemon GO Workout 7/16/2016: Over 9000!

Good morning and welcome to your daily Pokemon GO workout everyone! Today we are going to do something sloooow and steady. Now this one might take a few hours, but you will probably meet some new friends in the process or if you live near a Ripley’s Believe It or Not location you could win $5,000 from just playing Pokemon GO. If you are worrying about battery life, just remember that there are tons of cheap power banks out there.

IF YOU ARE NEW to Pokemon GO, the other day I put together the most important post on this website: 5 tips on how to not die while playing Pokemon GO

Please go ahead and take a look at that. It turns out people are still not using good situational awareness. In the news today two teens were trying to catch Pokemon at 2 in the morning and were robbed, one was even stabbed. You have to pay attention to where you are going and the people around you!

Other Pokemon GO news today:

2 guys caught a dude with attempted murder warrants while playing Pokemon GO
Milford man with warrants tries to catch some Pokemon near a police station where the police recognize him
Two Pokemon GO players find dead body in San Diego Park (isn’t that like the second time this week someone has found a dead body?)
Two Pokemon Players jump the fence into the Toledo zoo to find Pokemon

Onto the workout!

Like we said, today is more about slow, steady, and enjoying yourself! Stock up on Pokeballs and Incense for today’s workout.

Gear Needed

Cell phone with Pokemon GO
Back Pack with snacks and water. Our favorite snacks for long journeys are Cliffbars
Rucksack (optional)

This is a simple, but possible long one:
Walk/bike/ or ruck until completion of:
Catch Pokemon, doesn’t matter what they are, until their collective CP is over 9000.


This may require a little addition on your part so round up to tens or hundreds if you need to! But don’t stop until you are over 9000.

My favorite thing of course: take a rucksack with you
If you get over 9000 too quickly, add another 9000 onto it. Over 18,000??!?!?

“The body achieves what the mind believes”


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