How to use a Lure Module in Pokemon GO

How to use a Lure Module in Pokemon GO

Hello everyone! We know that just starting out in Pokemon GO can be a little confusing, but fortunately for you we have been screwing around with it since the first day of release and have figured out some pretty good tricks when it comes to catching your favorite Pokemon!

Incense are pretty straight forward, you click on “Items” then just click on the incense. After that, you will see a little pink ring around your character that attracts Pokemon for 30 minutes!

Pokemon Go Incense
Pokemon Go Incense

The Incense stays with your character no matter where you go, while the Lure Module attached to a Pokestop and attracts Pokemon for everyone around you!

Pokemon GO Lure module
Lure Module

But how do you use a lure module? The first day that I had the game, I sat beside a Pokestop jamming my finger onto the Lure Module, cursing my cell phone for being a big piece of crap. Turns out, I was just going about it in the wrong order. The tips in the game don’t even tell you how to use them.

After combing the internet (this was the first night it was out) and not finding anything, I sat down and stared at my screen for a while and finally figured out how to use a lure module:

How to use a lure module Pokemon GO
How to use a lure module in Pokemon GO

Yep. It’s that tiny little white button right there (without a label or anything) that lets you install the lure module. You’re welcome 😉

So we know how to install them, but where is the best places to install them?:

  1. Where another lure module already is
  2. Where there are lots of people (don’t worry, multiple people can catch the same Pokemon!)
  3. Where lure modules will overlap (like the picture below)
Best place for a lure module in Pokemon GO

If you only have one lure module and there aren’t any up close by, go ahead and ask another trainer if they want to install a lure module close to yours so it benefits everyone! Making friends! Heck yeah!

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