Pokemon GO Workout 7/19/2016: Jumpy jumps

Pokemon GO Workout 7/19/2016: Jumpy jumps

Oh no we skipped a day! We were pretty busy yesterday with reporter Joe Gagnon filming with Fox Carolina live on TV. Let’s hit it hard today though folks!

Today, we are going to be doing some jumps. We will be focusing on our legs today so our jumps don’t fail:

Gear needed:

Cell phone with Pokemon GO
Jump rope, a box, set of stairs, or a ledge.



1 round of
5 x single unders with the jumprope OR box jump on a ledge, stairs, big rock, anything you can jump on.
5 x lunges each leg
5 x 4 count jumping jacks (4 count as one)
5 x air squats
Plank for 30 seconds

Your rest period will be catching 3 pokemon (don’t be lazy, catch them and jump back into the next round)


Do your squats and lunges while holding something heavy, like a bar, with weighs on it 🙂 or a big rock, or anything that makes them harder.
Instead of single unders, do double unders.
Double the sets.

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