Workout 7/11/2016: Death by Rattata

Workout 7/11/2016: Death by Rattata

Death by Rattata

Good day everyone! Welcome to the first official Workout Of the Day on We thought we would start off strong with a full body routine involving lots of moving and burpees to counter those free delicious slurpee from 7/11 today.

Gear required:
Cell phone with Pokemon GO
Ruck Sack (optional)
Bicycle (optional)

Jog/ walk/ ruck/ bike until completion of:
Spot and/or catch 5 rattatas.
Every time you spot OR catch a rattata, do 10 burpees. (50 total)
End of exercise: maximum push ups you can do until failure then plank until failure.

Barny style:
1. Move until you see a Ratatta
2. Do 10 burpees
3. Move until you see another Ratatta
4. Do 10 more
5. Repeat until you do 50 burpees total
6. Do push-ups until you can’t do anymore
7. Plank until you die

No rattatas in your area? Just choose another extremely common Pokemon around you.
Do push-ups on your knees if you need to.
If you can’t do burpees, just do pushups.

“Sweat is just fat crying”

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