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First off: We are not associated with the Pokemon brand or Nintendo. We are a fan club that likes helping people get into shape!

Here at PokeFitness, we love Pokemon. We also have a deep desire to better ourselves and become healthier through regular exercise. The only problem is, exercise isn’t always fun. Especially when you are just starting out. Fortunately for us, a very addicting game was just released called Pokemon GO.
If you have no idea what Pokemon GO is, go ahead and click here.

You may already be losing weight due to the brutal Pokemon trainer competition on every corner, forcing you to walk miles at a time. PokeFitness is here to bring it up a notch. We’ve combined interval, Crossfit type exercises with Pokemon GO to make sure you are the very best, like no one ever was.

Pokemon Fitness takes the same approach as Crossfit, we like to post one or two WOD’s (workout of the days) every day. We will occasionally post nutrition tips and other articles.

If our workouts are too hard or too easy, just modify them to your level. For instance: carry a rucksack, ride a bicycle, do double reps, heck, even do the workout twice! It’s all about having fun and pushing yourself.

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PokeFitness Staff (so far)

Donut Operator (creator/ contributor)
Prior military, personal trainer, current police officer and SWAT team member. Donut is the creator and first author on PokeFitness. He has an extensive background in powerlifting and Crossfit. Donut started playing Pokemon on the original Nintendo Gameboy almost 20 years ago (Pokemon Blue version) and still loves the hell out of it.

You can follow Donut at:

Will Washington (conributor)

Will is a professional bodybuilder, fitness trainer, Policeman, and a SWAT officer alongside Donut. He has a background in muay thai, boxing, jujitsu, wrestling, and MMA. When he’s not being a complete badass, he runs his own fitness company Fit 4 Reality. Will was in a terrible motorcycle accident in 2002 which caused him to lose over 50 lbs, since then he has naturally worked his way up to an SNBF Bodybuilder PRO card. Will loves giving out advice and tips to anyone, no matter the fitness level.

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Questions? Reach us at thepokefitness@gmail.com

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